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Aug 22    + 18

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Don’t send stupid asks to fuckyeahjackwhite. Any asks regarding JW’s personal life will be ignored and any asks as stupid as the one i just got will be screenshot’d and ill make so much fucking fun of you, you fucking nerds.

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Aug 21    + 201

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Olivia Jean’s Bathtub Love Killings out October 14th. (x)

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Aug 21    + 75

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I’m here to blog greatjackwhiteshark

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The truth about Vescovo

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Aug 19    + 205

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Jack White at Midland Theatre - Kansas City

Aug 19    + 286

alexfisherson: oh my god ily

i love you so much more

Aug 18    + 1


fan level: predicting a song from a chord he plays accidentally and then decides to stick with it and play the song

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Aug 18    + 84

I don’t remember the blunderbuss songs well enough to know whether jw is messing up or not. He could be ad libbing every lyric id be like “oh this sounds great and correct”

Aug 18    + 10

gettheebehindmesatan: do people ever mistake your url for great jack white's hark?


do people mistake yours for get thee behind me sat an

Aug 18    + 20

Aug 18    + 331

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